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Tags: Programmer, 3D Artist (html, css, javascript, actionscript, php, mysql, c + +, windev) (3dsmax, blender, sketchup)



This site aims to present my passion for the IT field, my work and my skills.

Feel free to contact me to share your comments and criticisms,
Feedback is always appreciated in this way positive and negative.
You can contact me at
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Site under development

This site is under construction and likely to be long to finalize, in fact
firstly my job and my family life take me much time.
other catches my work on my old machines (VG5000, Commodore 64, Amiga)
I take too much time, in addition to the nostalgia of playing around with my old stuff again.


Passage of the site html5 css3

The site is currently html5 css3.
As a result, this site will be available but more efficiently with a recent browser (html5 css3).

Last update: March 9, 2012